Did you know that your stool can actually reveal a lot about your health? In fact, did you know it can reveal if you can or can’t lose weight? The bacteria we have in our gut play a big role in our ability to lose weight, and more than a few scientific studies have actually confirmed this.

The Danish study showed that human gut flora is related to the prevalence of obesity and being overweight, so scientists are now examining if they can play a part in the treatment of being overweight. According to professor Arne Astrup, the leader of the study, the scientists have made a breakthrough and the study has shown that some bacteria in the gut play a major role in the regulation of our weight.

The ratio between the different groups of beneficial gut bacteria is vital

The study involved 31 participants that ate the so-called Nordic diet which consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. The other group ate an average Nordic diet, and the participants from the first group managed to lose a higher amount of weight from those on the average diet.

A high level of the Prevotella bacteria can lead to weight loss

When the study divided the subjects by the levels of their gut bacteria, the participants with a high level of the Prevotella bacteria were found to have the biggest chances of losing weight. On the other hand, those who had a higher level of the Bacteroides bacteria in their gut weren’t able to lose much additional weight. 50% of the participants had a higher level of the Prevotella bacteria in their digestive system, and were able to lose more than 3 kg. of weight over 26 weeks.

According to professor Mads Fiil Hjorth, the study shows that half the Danish population can actually lose a lot of weight if they add more fruits, veggies, whole grains and fiber in their diet. The results were confirmed by two separate studies, and they believe that they are credible.

Personalized weight loss guidance

According to experts, markers such as fecal and blood samples can actually say a lot about our health. They should be a greater part of nutritional guidance as they can be adapted to an individual. This, as professor Hjorth puts it, is a major step forward in nutritional guidance. The use of gut bacteria as a marker for weight loss is a better approach than the personalized dietary recommendations.

At the moment, the scientists are working with a Boston-based company to develop a concept based on the research which will be of benefit for all people.

Source: https://holisticlivingtips.com